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Hemodialysis Training Information


SBLC has a high percentage rate for BONENT Federal Testing.

The Hemodialysis Training program that SBLC offers consists of two-(2) parts: THEORY and RLE.

It shall take 4-5 months to complete, inclusive of two-(2) week maximum vacation break and four-(4) week maximum emergency/sick leave.

Online-Onsite Theory Training

Call the Center for details of the entire program.

The Online program is incorporated with the Onsite, and the trainee shall be given an access during assigned specific period of Theory training.

Number of trainees are limited, If you need to learn more about it, please call our Center at 713.433.7252.

The following information can be complied by an applicant for the next scheduled training. 

A requirement of completing the required hours of Theory and Related Learning Experience (RLE) in a dialysis setting.

In order to achieve this, follow steps 1,2, and 3:

1. Call the Center for Application Process

Appointment must be made between Monday until Friday, and Saturday if possible  approximately  takes 1.5 - 3 hours to complete application and registration. Step 2 is necessary to be completed prior to program admission. Step 3 can be completed while the trainee is taking the Theory Class, and the Center needs to obtain from the trainee prior clinical assignment.

2. ONLINE-ONSITE Theory Admission Requirement

          1. A minimum of High School graduate, or GED Equivalent, BRING photocopy upon registration. A copy of an official Transcript of Record is accepted. Without a diploma or Transcript of Record copy, the Center may be unable to proceed with the Registration process.  A licensed nurse must provide license number and its copy upon registration, copy of Diploma or Transcript of Record is optional for a licensed nurse, since the Center may be able to verify state license online.

          2. A Registration Fee of $40.00 (as of 01/01/2014).  This includes the registration packet, plus the tour to the school.

         3. State Driver's License, and valid Social Security Number. For International trainee, a copy of your current, valid passport.

            4. Must pass the initial background screening.

       5. To access and be successful with the Online part, must have a basic knowledge in Computer, and must have a computer and a working internet access outside of the Center.

3. Submit Related Learning Experience or RLE Requirements

(After the Theory program, RLE may take up to 8 weeks to accomplish the tasks assigned).

1. Achieving the Theory Program.
2. Submit necessary medical records i.e. TB Testing, Vaccines.
3. CPR Certificate.

(Updated on March 01, 2014, Saturday)

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